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Top 10 reasons to become a foster home for the Minnesota Humane Society


MHS Foster Mom with a Rescue Cat


10.  You Care About Animals.
 9.   You WILL Make a Difference.
 8.   It’s Never Boring—Discover each animal’s unique personality.
 7.   It’s Flexible—We understand there will be times you are unavailable and we will work around  
       your schedule. 
 6.   MHS WILL Be There For You—To discuss concerns and to make sure the placement is working out.
 5.   MHS Will Pay Medical Expenses—Including special dietary requirements.
 4.   MHS Will Diligently Work Toward Finding A Permanent Placement.
 3.   MHS Volunteers Will Bring Your Animal To Adoption Days If You Are Unavailable.
 2.   The Animals NEED You!


And The #1 Reason---


We believe the right home can be found.  Sometimes it takes a few weeks; sometimes longer.  Fostering buys homeless animals the time that makes the difference between life and death.

If interested in becoming a foster home... please choose from one of the following:

PRINTABLE MAIL-IN APPLICATION: click here to download and print foster application.

- OR -

ONLINE APPLICATION: click here to fill out an online foster application. 

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